I hope you enjoy this blog. It's a new outlet for me. My intent is to encourage, inspire and help us all think a little deeper about our journey in this life. I plan on keeping it real and sharing what's on my heart for the day. Enjoy and God bless you!

Monday, October 1, 2012

There is another way, but you will have to fight!

Why do you do what you do? Are your actions based on what you want or what you think people want/expect you to do? Am I the only one who struggles with worrying and at times basing my actions on what others may "think" of me? I have been on this journey to be more in tune with myself, to be more mindful of why I do what I do in my life. I want to live intentionally. I want to make decisions based on thought and prayer rather than emotion. In love rather than fear. I am realizing that this is a daily challenge and joy.

Today, I went for a three mile walk. I enjoy walking, and I also enjoy an occasional jog. I walked two miles and then I felt like jogging. The park trail was full of people walking, running, trotting etc. I found myself looking around to make sure none of the "real runners" saw me "trying to run". I didn't want to be judged for my form or my body. I thought that they may think I am "too big" to be trying to jog, or someone might laugh at how I only jogged for a few minutes and then walked again. I really considered pushing down my desire to jog, because of someones disapproval or judgement.

I had to speak truth to myself in this moment. I had to battle the "god of other's thoughts" and encourage myself to jog and be true to my intent in the moment. I did. Well, it took a few minutes, I will admit I looked around and tried to start when no no one was around, but eventually I picked up my feet and jogged.I had to make and intentional decision and trust God, choose not to look back or worry who was behind me, or what others thought about me at the moment. It was a small victory for me. I needed this victory, as a person who is on the sometimes never-ending journey of getting in shape. This was a move towards a healthier me, and I didn't need anything getting in the way.

Today on my walk/jog was not the only time I have been faced with this battle against the " god of what other's think". It has been a life long struggle, that I have not always won. In fact I have lived too much of my life  thinking I knew what other's thought about me and using lies to guide my steps rather that listening to God's guidance and the truth he has given me in my heart.

I joke about the "god of what others think", but at the same time, I'm serious. This worry of "they" and what others might say or think, locks a lot of us down, it puts some of us in serious bondage and turns to fear then paranoia and in the end can rob us of our God-given passions and dreams. The "lies" become truth and truth loses its rightful place and fear takes over and hope gets lost.

It's a subtle beast, this "god of what other's think". It comes in the form of shame, and shouldn't and you can't, you won't, it's impossible, you're too fat, too skinny, to ugly, to mean, too emotional. It shouts lies that, no one will understand you, no one wants to hear you, wait until you are stronger,wait until you are richer, wait until it's easy... life, will never be easy, like an easy button.
This life is a series of little journeys and seasons of joy and pain, and everything in between. The hope I  have though, and the hope I offer to you is this. God knows you. He knows what he put in you. Those passions, they are a gift from God.

Those lies, they are a gift from Satan, to throw you off course. Satan battles us because he can, he battles us because he came to steal, kill and destroy. Jesus came that we may have life and have it abundantly and to empower us to fight the battle against the thief.

Look over your life today. Be aware in each moment and be present. If you wonder how you can know if it's a lie or truth, test it. First ask yourself, is what I'm trying to do going to please the Lord and is it good for me. If you can answer yes, then you know there will be a battle. The only way to fight this battle of lies, is with truth.

On the other hand, if what you are getting into, is not pleasing to the Lord, and is not good for you,then be aware there will still be a battle. This time Satan will try to shame and condemn you. This battle is won with repentance and  accepting the forgiveness of Jesus.

 God does not send condemnation. The Holy Spirit convicts us, but the purpose is to lead us to repentance and a peaceful relationship with Jesus.

I want to encourage all of us, myself included, to ask God to help us recognize the truth from a lie and to act accordingly. God has equipped us to fight this battle and he wants us to win. He gave us hope, passions and dreams for a reason. Guard yours. Be alert, look alive and act like you know.

Blessings to you!